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Bachelors In Paradise, Season 7 Is Getting Delayed Due To Coronavirus

Clare Crawley starrer ‘The Bachelor In Paradise’ season 7 had been put on halt for an uncertain time period. The ABC productions had unfortunately delayed due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic which had put the entire world on a lockdown.

It is however not the only show which had got suspended for the time being; a line of series and web shows had been stopped for the time being until things come back to normal. It is not clarified yet whether the show would permanently be canceled or whether it will be delayed.

Of course, the fans who were elated with the news about the show being premiered in May( now canceled) want to know the comeback of the seventh installment. Since the show is basically a reality-based show, it requires the people to travel to various places for shooting purposes.

But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel restrictions had been imposed all over the world to prevent its further spread. Warner Bros productions already announced that more than 70 of their shows have been affected and stopped from being launched because of the pandemic.

It seems like Clare Crawley will have to wait a little more to mingle until that time she continues to remain single. It is very obvious, the main concern is that the people everywhere remains safe and sound since the virus had already taken a lot of lives and is not stopping.

The show involves a lot of physical intimacy by way of dancing and challenges to perform, it is very much logical to halt even the shooting which will increase the risk of spreading of the deadly disease. So fans will have to wait for any further updates and announcements from the production house.

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