Friends’ Reunion: What’s The Confirmed Release Date For HBO Max’s Special.


Fans officially went all crazy when HBO Max announced an official Friends reunion is on its away! This reunion was something that fans anticipated for all these years. All the stars of the iconic show also confirmed the news via their Instagram account.

The Friends Reunion Shooting Delayed Due To Coronavirus Attack? Here’s What We Know.

However, sadly enough HBO Max’s heavily anticipated Friends reunion special will be delayed as production across Hollywood as the studio shuts down amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The iconic cast that created history is set to earn more than double their former per-episode fee for the reunion. It is reported that the cast members will be paid between the whopping amount of $2.5 million and $3 million for the special. It is clear that the cast members will be making a fortune from the reunion it seems.

When Will Shooting Start For The Much Awaited Reunion?

Moreover, the much-awaited one-time special was initially set to film between March 23rd and March 24th. However, in a recent turn of event, several multiple sets and productions shut down around the world in an attempt to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. Thus, the production of the Friends reunion was halted, too.

While fans are a bit heartbroken but delayed or not, a much-awaited Friends reunion is surely a big deal for fans! This is also going to be a high thing for HBO Max as well. The cast will be reunited since the show went off-air back in 2004! So, it is quite expected that this kind of special at launch in May could have led to an increase in initial subscribers for HBO Max. This is the special type of event or project programming that streamers are looking for. This will boost the number of subscribers as well.


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