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Man Sleeps With Wife’s Body For Days After Strangling Her


A Michigan man killed his wife and left her in bed for several days.

Jeff Sherwood, 45, and his wife, Susan Klepsch, 64, communicated authorities for a well-being check after leading in on a disturbing scene at their Hazel Park home.

The couple hadn’t heard from them in a while, officials went into the house and the suspect and his wife were lying in bed and appeared to be sleeping. The suspect woke up and appeared to be broken. They didn’t get a response from the victim and were worried about her.

Revenge For Cheating

When first responders arrived, they determined Klepsch was dead. Sherwood, who still appeared confused, was arrested for his wife’s murder. He ostensibly told policemen that he hit and smothered her after an argument about cheating.

Based on his statement, it could have been close to a week since Klepsch died.

Court documents show that the couple had a volatile history. In 2018, they got married, but by 2019, police arrived at their home for a domestic violence dispute. Klepsch blamed Sherwood at the time, of grasping her face and pushing her.

Suicide After Murder

Sherwood may have tried to commit suicide after allegedly killing his wife. It seemed he took quite a bit of some pain relievers medications and made attempts to kill himself. He had cuts on his arms and neck.

Sherwood will be in prison without bail. He’s been charged with first-degree murder.

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