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NASA Will Investigate The Effects Of Sun’s Radiation

New Venture

NASA just proclaimed that they would be experimenting in outer space once more, but the launch will not be earlier than July 1, 2023. NASA stated the Sunrise (Sun Radi Interferometer Space Experiment) mission will last for 11 months and expects to look into the star at the focus of our solar system. It will be directed by Jet Kasper of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, which will be managed by JPL (NASA’s Jet Repulsion Laboratory) in Pasadena, California.

Solar Radiation

Massive solar flares created by the sun’s radiation

Initially, the main aim of the mission was to follow the activities of the sun. It was later extended to also investigate the massive space clouds created by the sun’s radiation.

Six Satellites

The space research will originate six CubeSats, which cost a total of $62.6 million to plan, design, build, and launch. It will launch the star at the center of the solar system, like a large radio telescope.

The six massively solar-powered satellites are about the size of a toaster oven, will perform outside the earth. They will be running six miles from each other to avoid unexpected collisions above the earth’s atmosphere.

This will allow NASA to discover the wavelengths of the transmitted radiation from the sun, which is impracticable to do from the earth’s surface. The CubeSats will also perceive the low frequencies released by the sun, creating 3D maps displaying where the enormous particle eruptions are coming from.

The data that will be gathered will be sent back to earth, which will then be obtained by NASA’s Deep Space Network. This will help our space rangers in their current and future exploratory missions. Explorers will receive a warning if a huge radiation emission is detected that will prevent unnecessary accidents in space.

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