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NASA’s Hubble Telescope Has Spotted A Massive Black Hole In Space

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Hubble Telescope has yet again located an obscure mid-sized black hole. The hole was reportedly tearing apart a wayward star.

A group of planetary experts and astronomers discovered the stellar object. This black is also known as an ‘intermediate-mass black hole’. The hole is around 740 million light-years far away from our planet. It was located using Hubble and X-ray observatories.

Researchers and other professionals stated that it is around 50000 times larger than that of the ‘Sun’ and it is one of the ‘missing links’ in the theories related to the evolution of the universe.

According to the information received from the experts, this black hole is larger than the other black holes that have been located so far. They also said that it is created by the breakdown of giant stars but more petite than the supermassive black holes at the core of galaxies.

It was also said that this type of black hole is hard to locate and in this event, it was only found because of its synergy with a wayward star.

The discovery of this black hole was made only after it was viewed from NASA’s Hubble space telescope, the European Space Agency X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission observatory, and NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.

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