Offset Reportedly Cheating On Girlfriend Cardi B, Here’s What We Know So Far.

Source: StyleCaster

We are no stranger to the hip hop’s beloved duo Cardi B and Offset and their crazy antics! The duo often spoils each other with expensive gifts and other mushy gestures that always find their way in their respective Instagram account.

Is Offset Cheating On Cardi B Yet Again? Here’s What We Know.

However, there were rumors of trouble in their paradise when Offset was accused of cheating in Cardi B! The rumor gave way to a high controversy with reports that Cardi B forgave her beau and decided to start things fresh.

Moreover, it seems like the latest drama again came during the week of March 22 when Offset apparently, was seen “hiding” his phone from Cardi B, prompting rumors that the rapper might be up to no good yet again. So is he cheating on Cardi B yet again?

As The Cheating Rumors Mounted, Offset Finally Denied The Rumors And Asked People To Focus On The Current Situation!

The whole rumor is making headlines after fans saw Offset who had been recording himself playing a video game when Cardi B called for him. However, as she made her way to the room, Offset quickly scrambled to put his phone in his pocket. After struggling to get the device inside, the rapper lifted his body and placed the phone under his butt, this act is surely suspicious. Fans are pointing it out via their respective Twitter account.

One fan even went to the extent to write that Offset never changed and will never change in the future. Cardi deserves better! However, Offset finally took to his Instagram story and pushed back the cheating allegations. He further said that people should be worried about the present situation rather than focusing on something negative! The rapper straight away denied the creating accusation as well.


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