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Rick And Morty Season 4, Updates On Release Of It’s Latest Episodes

The animated series, ‘Rick and Morty’ had already been launched to binge-watch by the viewers with its fourth season. A few episodes had already been premiered last in December 2019 but that was not the end.

What Is The Expected Release Date Of Rick And Morty Season 4

A few more episodes are in line to be premiered and we have got the latest update on it. The Adult Swim productions had released a new trailer for the upcoming episodes on April Fools Day, 2020 and which stated the release date too.

The remaining episodes would start getting aired from May 3, 2020. Fans were very curious and excited as Adult Swim managed to increase their excitement by sharing clips and pieces from the upcoming episodes.

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Rick And Morty Season 4

The fourth season consists of 10 episodes out of which 5 had already been telecasted.

The remaining 5 will start airing from May 3 onwards, the last one to be premiered on May 31, 2020. There would be no changes to be expected in the release of the remaining episodes.

When Will The Remaining Episodes Be Released

However, due to the ongoing spread of Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, nothing can be predicted. But we hope, that fans would not behave to wait anymore and they get to watch their season soon.

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