The Punisher: Show’s Future Plans Revealed! Here’s What A Fan Should Know

The Punisher Season 3
Source: Digital Spy

The show second season premiered back in January, and after some umming and ahhing from fans and supporters about its future, the streaming site has put any hopes of a third chapter to bed, on Netflix at least.

Latest Update

The Punisher drama showrunner Steve Lightfoot has announced that he has a really good idea for what could happen in season three but he resembles as concerned as the fans and supporters are that the show could be axed by Netflix.

But there is always Disney, a brand new streaming service beginning later this year, which is set to feature a whole raft of Marvel films and series Disney currently recognizes Marvel, some of which will be never-before-seen projects, while some are likely to be roles that we have met before and that leaves room for the likes matches of The Punisher to return in a blaze of glory.


This dark action of the movie, which is based on the comic book series, the supports and viewers operator Frank Castle Thomas Jane as he changes into the vengeful the Punisher drama after offenders murder shoot his family, including his wife and son.

The Castle is gravely injured in the attack and examined to be dead by Howard Saint plays the role of John Travolta, the crime master who ordered the hit. His recovery, the artist Castle becomes a gradually realized vigilante who will stop at nothing to exact vengeance on Saint and destroy his underworld empire domain.


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