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Woman Who Drowned Grandson To Death, Says He Would Be Better In Heaven

A 56-year-old Kokomo lady told police she suffocated her 4-year-old grandson since he’d be in an ideal situation in paradise.

Helen Martin deals with indictments of homicide and disregard of award regarding the case.

Police captured Martin on March 28

Officials had been called to the home after the 4-year-old was lethargic and oblivious. He later kicked the bucket at an emergency clinic.

According to court documents

Martin said while giving the kid a shower, she moved into the tub, despite everything dressed, and pushed the kid’s head under the water and held it there until he suffocated, as per court records. She at that point escaped the tub, changed into some dry garments and put her wet garments in the hamper.

Her significant other returned and hauled the kid out of the water. Martin’s better half revealed to her she’d called to inform him regarding the suffocating; Martin told specialists she didn’t recall deciding.

The 56-year-old said she had been so discouraged as of late that the kid would be in an ideal situation in paradise than to be with her, court records said.

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