A FIREBALL Just Exploded Over English Channel And Created Amazing Display For People

Source: YouTube

A huge FIREBALL exploded above the channels and create an amazing and spectacular view for the people living in Holland, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

As per the reports, a meteor exploded as soon as it entered the atmosphere over the English Channel. The explosion was so huge and bright, that almost the whole of Northern Europe was able to witness the amazing and spectacular it created just above their heads. Many people even reported this natural phenomenon to the International Meteor Organisation.

Many people reported this incident to the IMO and stated that the view was spectacular. One of the witnesses even said that he saw a massive object coming from the space which did not look like an airplane.

AS per the reports, these kinds of Asteroids and meteors create a very bright explosion of fire as soon as they enter into Earth’s atmosphere. This is because these space rocks experience the resistance in the atmosphere for the first time, as a result, they explode in the atmosphere.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has so far revealed details regarding thousands of asteroids that pose a serious threat to our planet. But the officials also say that it is very unlikely that our planet would get hit by a massive asteroid before hundreds of years.

Currently, the officials at the space agency are keeping a close watch on Asteroid Bennu as they are planning to extract precious metals and other elements from that asteroid in an upcoming mission.


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