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Euphoria Season 2: When Will The Show Return To HBO, Details Inside.

The HBO Drama Euphoria was a massive hit right from its debut in the channel. The huge fanbase made it almost inevitable for a second season. After the first show ended on a rather mysterious note, fans are already looking for a second season.

Euphoria Season 2: Release Date, Plot Development And Other Little Details!

The show’s content, although was a bit controversial, was hugely admired. Fans loved the relevant themes such as drugs and sex, and soon it became the network’s most popular show with younger crowds.

Fans can rejoice as the show has been renewed for a second season after all! Moreover, Zendaya will be coming back to reprise the titular role of Rue. The Disney star confirmed the news through her Twitter account. She thanked the makers of the show for the role and showed her excitement for the second season. Have a look.

Is Zendaya Going To Return For Her Character Rue Despite What Happened To Her In Season 1?

It is reported that along with some of the old faces, an official casting call for the second season revealed that some new faces are going to join the show. Moreover, creator Sam Levinson has since has assured fans that Zendaya’s character is very much alive still. Not only that but a lot is in store for Rue’s character ahead.

Another character whose return is highly anticipated will be Storm Reid, who plays Rue’s younger sister Gia in the series. In an exclusive interview, Reid further added that fans will really get to see her perspective and how she feels about all the trauma that she’s going through. Reid said that she is excited to explore that along with the character. Considering how things ended in the first season finale, fans are curious to know whether she relapsed or not.

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