Good Girls Season 3: From Release Date To Cast Know Everything Here

Good Girls Season 3
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When we talk about drama but comedy series, a name comes to mind, GOOD GIRLS. It is one of the most fascinating detective dramas on NBC, always awaited for its upcoming episodes and seasons. Here, we bring the latest updates to Good Girls season 3. Check out the details.

When is it Air?

The series premiered on February 26, 2018, with ten episodes on NBC, and the second season aired in March 2019 with thirteen episodes. The creators have announced the renewal of the series, and it is now airing on the Netflix network from February 16, 2020, until today. It broadcast six of its episodes, and there are two that will be released on March 29, 2020, and April 5, 2020.

Who is Casting in the third season?

The main cast members include Christina Hendricks as Elizabeth Boland, also known as Beth, Retta as Ruby Hill, Mae Whitman as Annie Marks, Reno Wilson as Stanley Hill, Manny Montana as Christopher. These are the protagonists of the second season of Good Girls.

Good Girls Season 3: Plot

The synopsis follows the story of three women who have plunged into the crime of a housewife. In Season 3, Beth, Ruby, and Annie struggle with their new deals. While the previous episode is about Lucy and her boyfriend, Max. The following episodes are titled “Vegas Baby” for episode seven and “Nana” for the eighth episode.

Good Girls Season 3: Official Trailer or Teaser

Since season 3 is currently on the air, its trailer has been released previously. You can see the progress through this video below. The second season of the series has a score of 87%, with an average of 6.25 out of 10.


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