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NASA Has Successfully Deployed James Webb Telescope’s Massive Mirror For Its Future Missions

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has once again achieved a milestone after it successfully deployed its massive James Webb Space Telescope. This telescope is the successor of NASA’s famous Hubble Telescope.

This telescope was tested for the first time and as per the information received from the sources, its official launch has been scheduled in 2021. Just like NASA’s Hubble Telescope, this telescope also has a huge life span. This telescope would be investigating various celestial objects of our Solar System.

Creating this telescope was a great milestone for the U.S based space agency (NASA), and the process was no less than an adventure for the scientists and experts at NASA. As per the reports, the launch of this telescope was scheduled in 2018 earlier which got delayed.

Making this enormous telescope was not less than a task for the space agency. It required various parts and pieces of equipment to build this telescope. The technicality that this telescope required forced the technicians to delay the launch date of this telescope.

After conducting it first and a successful test, the scientists are now sure that this Telescope is all set for its launch in the next year. The test procedure included replicating Webb’s final arrangement in a space-like atmosphere. This involved replicating the zero-gravity environment Webb will ultimately work in.

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