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Ozark Season 3: Here’s Every Thrilling Twist And Complete Ending Explained For You

The third season of Ozark is on Netflix, and no doubt, many have witnessed the end of the Bonkers season. The third season finale had a lot to offer, so it looked like a full-time job, and the audience may not have enough time to absorb everything that happened in a short space of time.

Don’t worry, here is a detail of all the relevant parts of Ozark’s third season that are worth keeping after this latest shoot, and what that might mean for the third season. Let’s start with a summary of what happened towards the end and continue with some reflections on what could happen in the next season 4.

Where The Byrdes Stand With The Navarro Cartel?

If, during most of these recent episodes, Wendy Byrde hasn’t found out that she’s not messing with the Navarro cartel, she surely learned it at the end of Ozark’s season 3. Wendy and Marty took a flight with Helen to attend the baptism of Omar Navarro’s family. Navarro greeted all three on arrival, but soon after, one of his men shot him in the head at close range. Without missing a beat, Navarro welcomed Marty and Wendy soaked in the blood into their home and a new start.

Wendy and Marty had a desire to get rid of Helen, although it is evident that they are now in a worse position than before. Navarro is happy because he believed the Byrdes had persuaded the FBI to defeat a rival cartel leader and, of course. After all, the Byrdes ran the casino recycling business. The latter is a feather in his cap, but as Ozark’s season 3 finale showed, Navarro does not tolerate even the smallest forms of failure. If they can’t get the FBI over Navarro’s rival, there will be consequences.

Marty and Wendy Byrde are good enough to make the impossible happen, even if they are working against the increasingly relentless and powerful Omar Navarro. He will send the men after the Byrdes with the slightest hint of problems, so it is obvious that this collaboration they have is as good as the Byrdes can continue to demonstrate that they are as efficient and reliable as they guided it. To believe. Something less, and there is a good chance that the Ozark family will eventually become Helen.

What Losing Ruth And Helen Means For Marty And Wendy

While Helen was more damaging to Marty and Wendy towards the end, she has been invaluable to them in the past. Ozark’s character was as good at being a lawyer as he was evil, and now the Byrdes will have to find someone more talented with the law who is also corrupt enough to handle their illegal activities. It won’t be easy, especially living in the Ozarks.

Of course, the biggest victim will be the loss of Ruth Langmore to Darlene Snell. The end of season 3 of Ozark has shown Darlene a deal with Frank Cosgrove in exchange for Ruth’s safety, and now it appears that she and Wyatt will help Darlene bring her heroin deals back to season 4. Darlene returns to the game. It’s terrible for everyone, but having Ruth and her knowledge of all Byrde’s operations by her side is particularly harmful to Marty and Wendy.

I think the Netflix series will see the family commissioning Charlotte from the casino, which isn’t ideal for Marty and Wendy. Her children are already sufficiently involved in the cartel business, and Charlotte, who plays such an important role, will put a big target on her back.

The Biggest Problems The Byrdes Face In Ozark Season 4

As usual, the Byrdes face threats from multiple fronts and can barely keep things together at the end of Season 3. Ozark Season 4 should see the return of Darlene Snell, who is a dangerous prankster with the official forces. Police in your pocket. Now she has Ruth and Frank Cosgrove that the Kansas City crowd works with her, and it’s hard not to believe they won’t shoot for the Byrdes in Season 4.

The Byrde family is still under pressure from the FBI, which is willing to work alone with the Byrdes to report crime lords until they understand how Marty runs his money laundering business. If someone breaks the code or someone breaks, they will move out, and the prison is the best setting for Marty and Wendy. The worst-case scenario is a prison and one of the many criminals they associate, paying someone inside to ruthlessly murder or torture the entire prison sentence.

As previously mentioned, the Byrdes cannot even trust their closest ally, Omar Navarro. He routinely had Ozark characters he was allied with torture for the simple suspicion that he was betrayed, and I can’t imagine the Netflix series suddenly showing that the character has changed his mind in possible future episodes. Furthermore, Navarro feels like the most untouchable enemy the Byrdes face in the entire series, making it almost fair to say that they especially fear their allies.

When Ozark season 4 will premiere?

Netflix has yet to confirm that Ozark will return for the fourth season, though it’s hard to imagine that the platform won’t carry over the drama. Showrunner Chris Mundy has yet to confirm a new season, but he told EW that he has ideas for the foreseeable future if Netflix will bring the drama for another season.

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