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Ozark Season 4: Will It Happen Or Not, Here’s Every Possibility For Its Arrival Explained For The Fans

Netflix originals ‘Ozark’ is back now on the largest web series platform with its third season launched on March 27, 2020. The show which stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney in the leads is not confirmed whether the fans could further unravel their journey through a new season.

Can We Expect More Seasons Of ‘Ozark’

However, there is some good news in store for the loyal viewers as Netflix had announced that there will be at least two new seasons of Ozark and will be out soon. But it cannot be predicted as to when the fourth installment will be released.

Source: Screen Rant

Expected Release Date Of Ozark Season 4

Since Jason Bateman being the director as well as the main lead of the series is occupied with other projects also, it is difficult to come with a date. Also, fans will have to wait a little more regarding any update about the upcoming season due to the ongoing spread of Coronavirus or COVID-19 because of which everything is at a standstill.

Expected Cast Of Ozark Season 4

If we think about the upcoming episodes there are chances of seeing new faces as Marty Byrde would further increase operations. The remaining characters will continue to play their parts which includes Bateman as the financial advisor to Marty Byrde, Laura Linney to play the wife of Bateman, Sofia Hublitz as a daughter and Skylar Gaertner as a son.

Expected Plot Of Ozark Season 4

The plot will grasp momentum from the where the third season ended. Wendy would be playing in the front as Marty will move his steps behind. So fans surely are excited to hear the news of their favorite show coming back, though late but it will happen.

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