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Plot Leak For Godzilla vs. Kong Unveils New Powers And Weapons, Here’s What You Should Know

Here is every new update that we need to know about Godzilla Vs. Kong!

Well, the anticipation is slowly starting to build again that surrounds the movie Godzilla Vs. Kong is an epic showdown between two of the cinema’s most iconic monsters. This movie was initially set to hit the theatres in the previous month.

But then, there happened to be adverse reactions from the studio towards an early test screening that saw the release date pushed back by a total of eight months. The director of this movie is Adam Wingard, who has helmed a series of reshoots to try and whip this whole story into a proper shape. Well, this step that has been taken seems to have worked.

According to the screen tests that have been happening, the filmmaker says that they have to improve the tale!

Then there was another test screening that happened pretty recently, and it had much better reviews. This news was something that the filmmaker seemingly celebrated on his social media handles. There also were reports that claim it could be the best entry into this Legendary Monster Verse yet.

The only information about this movie has been provided by its title that drives the force behind the story, but we still are not aware of the finer plot points in Godzilla Vs. Kong. Eiza Gonzalez is a star in this movie, and she has hinted that this is a tale of two giant monsters who are going to beat seven shades out of each other while a much more human element will get grounded in the movie.

How will the two monsters fight each other? Read below to find out!

Another question that fans have is how in the world is the movie going to pull off the size difference between the two characters mentioned in the title itself because we know that Kong is half the size of Godzilla. However, a lead has been provided to us by a new plot leak that says that the radiation on Kong’s homeland is going to cause him to grow much more prominent.

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