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The Gift Season 2: Get All The Latest Buzz On Its Arrival, Cast, Story, And More

Netflix is back with its second Turkish web series to be aired on it. We are talking about ‘The Gift’ which had been announced by Netflix that it will launch the second season on its platform.

The supernatural thriller with the backdrop of archaeology has received rave reviews from the audience and critics for the first season and now it is time to share it with the world via season 2. The show is an adaptation of the novel, The Awakening Of The World’. The season shows mysteries of the past, stories of the past with a very logical storyline. It does not deal with unrealistic or immature stories of fantasies.

Source: Netflix

Expected Release Date Of The Gift Season 2

No exact date had been revealed but the Turkish web series will be released in December 2020 as announced by them. And it is for sure that it will be released at the time stated by the makers if we look at their past commitments.

Do We Have Trailer Of The Gift Season 2

The trailer had not come up till now and would probably come out a month before the launch of the show.

Plot Of The Gift Season 2

The story begins with the normal life of a girl for whom everything is moving forward like a dream with a good career, loving partner and caring family. Until one day she meets a man who takes her into the past mysteries of various temples on Earth built for ages.

As the story moves forward it comes out that the girl has some past connection with the symbols shown in the temples which keeps the audiences hooked to the screens.

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Other Details Regarding The Gift Season 2

If we look at the cast then Beren Saat will play the lead of the main protagonist. Turkey is the second-highest exporter of various programs and series in the world and Netflix is the most viewed platform to binge-watch films and shows- definitely a great combination.

What keeps the viewers excited is that the Turkish shows have the touch of history. Plus, The Gift series unravels the various secrets of the rich and vast heritage of our world. We could now only wait for its release soon.

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