TV Buddy Caster: Cinematic Experience Right in the Comforts of Your Home


Mobile phones are great for text information or news and features that you want to read to pass the time. This gadget is remarkable for providing flexibility, mobility, and easy access to information and entertainment. However, despite this innovation of having ready information right in your pocket, we must admit that the viewing pleasure on these small-screen devices is still something to be desired. This is especially true if you want to watch movies and videos. 

In order to fully appreciate and understand any feature film, documentary, or even silly videos, in the way that the content makers intend, a conventional television set is still the way to go. Nothing beats the comforts and luxury of viewing on a screen that does not require you to crane your neck or almost kiss the screen so that you can read the subtitles or overheat due to high battery consumption. Also, isn’t it just better to have full use of both your hand instead of constantly shifting positions in order to finish a 30-minute episode of your favorite series? 

It is hard to argue against the benefits and advantages of viewing on the television. However, one major setback to this old reliable media broadcast is its connectivity. In this digital age, where everything is connected to the Internet, and more and more content is made available through streaming services, an analog TV just cannot come close to competing. And purchasing a smart TV is simply out of the budget for most households. Having a cable subscription is also very limiting as the end-user or customer can only avail of channels associated with the cable service provider. Still, connectivity and streaming needs are not addressed. So, what can bridge a gap between this demand and need? How do we cope with the changing technology without sacrificing our finances? 

TV Buddy Caster!

This innovative product lets you transform your television set into a smart TV that can access the Internet and allows you to stream and enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and series in full high definition and amazing sound quality.

Getting to Know the TV Buddy Caster

According to tv buddy caster reviews this advanced technology is a nifty little device that you plug into the HDMI port of your TV set. It allows you to maneuver your TV sets as if it were your mobile phone.  You can easily connect your favorite streaming services like Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Showtime, Spotify, Amazon Prime, and so much more, with just a simple swipe and click. Not only that, but you can also access the pictures and videos you have on your mobile device.

Take note that your access is not limited to your mobile phone, but it extends to your tablets and laptops as well. Talk about convenience and ease!

Connecting the TV Buddy Caster

Your regular cable TV subscription service requires multiple steps just to get the cable guy to come to your house with all the wires and configurations that might require a degree in rocket science. Connecting the TV Buddy Caster, on the other hand, could not be any less daunting. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Anyone can do it!

First, you start by plugging in the device into the HDMI port of your television. Then, proceed to pair the device with an available WLAN connection.

With your mobile device, choose the application or streaming service you want to use or the file you want to browse, click on an application that transmits the picture from your mobile device to your TV and voila! You are now ready to enjoy your uninterrupted contents on a comfortable screen with full high definition and sound quality that only a tv set can provide.

There is no need to download and install any special application or contact any customer service representative in order to configure the device. You just plug it, and it’s set! You have complete control of what you watch by using your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop as a remote control.

Best of all, there is no installation fee since you will not need to employ anyone’s services to install this device.

Other Benefits of the TV Buddy Caster

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Aside from the ease of access and no fuss connection, this device lets you enjoy your multimedia content to a whole new level. Despite providing access on multiple devices, this gadget does not carry with it any additional fees or charges. After installation, the TV Buddy Caster is practically all set and does not require any other protocol for it to function. This allows for a seamless transition from the small screen device to your tv sets. 

Having your content on the big screen also provides a great venue for a group or family bonding activity. While mobile phones limit your social interactions, opening up and sharing your shows and movies with the whole household and friends creates connections and strengthens relationships.

Date nights and sleepovers will be epic, without any additional costs and right at the comforts of your own home. Another great option to look into is the livewave antenna

Also, since this device is just a bridge or go-between from your mobile device to your TV, none of the information your input will be stored. It will not make those pesky advertisements that recommend unnecessary commodities you do not want to be bothered with and eats up your data by requiring you to watch it before you proceed with your videos. Therefore, this device provides for uninterrupted viewing and complete enjoyment of your shows.

Another important consequence of watching on your television instead of on your mobile device is that the distance between you and the screen is relatively far, thereby lessening your exposure to light that causes eye strain. You do not need to carry the device everywhere because the big screen permits for wider viewing. This can also allow you to carry on with other tasks without worrying about missing out on the details of the movie or show you are watching.

In essence, given the multitude of benefits and usefulness of this product, it can straightforwardly be said that the TV Buddy Caster is a mini device that packs a giant punch!


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