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WARNING!!! NASA Claims 151Ft Asteroid Would Come Close Very Close To Earth Today

The National Aeronautics and Space Adminsitration (NASA) is currently keeping a strict watch on a massive asteroid that is supposed to come very near our planet and fly past through it today.

The experts say that if this enters into our atmosphere, it could either create a huge explosion in the atmosphere and could result in mass destruction on the Earth in the nearby states and neighboring countries.

NASA’s (National Aeronautics and Space Adminsitration) Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) has dubbed this massive asteroid as 2020 FK3. According to CNEOS, this space rock has an expected diameter of about 151 feet. With this size, this asteroid is almost equal to the Chicago Water Tower.

Not only this, but this asteroid is also currently heading towards our planet, Earth at an alarming speed of 22,000 miles per hour. At this speed, the asteroid would result in a great explosion once it reaches our atmosphere.

2020 FK3 has been classified by the scientists as an Apollo asteroid. According to NASA, this near-Earth object exhibits an elongated path that reaches beyond Mars’ orbit. From time to time, the space rock crosses Earth’s path as the planet creates its cycle around the Sun.

The major threat that this asteroid poses is because of its size and speed. With these factors, if this asteroid collides with a planet, there would be a major impact in the neighboring areas.

The asteroid is expected to reach very close to our planet at 3:58 am.

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