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WARNING!!! NASA Revealed Images Of Two Massive Asteroids In The Asteroid Belt

The National Aeronautics and Space Adminsitration (NASA) has just shared images of the two massive asteroids that they located in the asteroid belt present in our space. Reportedly, these asteroids are larger than some of the cities.

The U.S based space agency (NASA) shared a picture that tracked the progress of these two asteroids. The asteroids have been identified as Lina and Klotho, both located in the asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter.

Source: Universe Today

Lina has is around 37 miles (60 kilometers) in diameter and this asteroid takes more than 2,000 days to revolve around the Sun. Whereas,  Klotho is slightly larger than Lina. It has a diameter of slightly more than 50.9 miles (82 kilometers). This asteroid takes around 1,596 days to make a full round around the Sun.

The researchers and the scientists at the space agency located these asteroids through the NEOWISE telescope. As seen in the image, those bright spots refer to these asteroids whereas the two brightest spots among them are these two asteroids, Lina and Klotho.

As per the scientists, the asteroids that are present in or near this asteroid belt pose a threat to our planet as they have chances to collide with Earth. But because of the important role that Jupiter plays, these asteroids remain in the belt and do not come near our planet.

It is because of Jupiter’s strong gravitational pull that keeps these asteroids in their respective places and stops them from coming near to Earth and colliding with it.

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