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Devilish Father Admitted Of Brutally Killing His 3 Small Kids And Their Mother

Police in Georgia as of late discharged a recorded meeting with a man who admitted to lethally wounding his three kids and his children’s mom a year ago.

Jackson confessed in the footage obtained to Columbus police

The Ledger-Enquirer got video film in which Brandon Jackson, 27, discloses to Columbus police that his youngsters looked as he slaughtered their mom, Jerrica Spellman, 29. Jackson related telling his youngsters I love you and killing them individually.

Brandon Jackson allegedly first wounded his child, King Jackson, 2, in the neck and chest, at that point his 1-month-old girl, Khristian Jackson. His dangerous binge finished with the demise of his little girl, Kensley Jackson, 1.

Prior to kicking the bucket, Brandon Jackson asserted Spellman let him know and their three kids that she adored them and she was upset for everything.

Jackson Killed his children because he didn’t want some else to care for them

Brandon Jackson was recorded telling officials that he slaughtered the kids subsequent to killing Spellman on the grounds that he didn’t need any other person thinking about them.

I realized she was unable to do it since she’s as of now dead. I realized I was unable to do it since I was fixing to go to prison, he said fourteen hours after the fourfold murder.

As I stated, I don’t need anyone bringing up my children. I don’t care for it in the event that another person teaches my children.

The video, alongside bodycam film and case documents identified with the July 2019 killing, became open record a long time after Brandon Jackon’s purportedly balanced himself in December while housed at Muscogee County Jail.

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Officers interrogated Jackson soon after his arrest 

The Ledger-Enquirer revealed that officials endeavored to address Brandon Jackson following capturing him yet he was garbled on the grounds that he endeavored to overdose on over-the-counter narcotics.

Brandon Jackson was accepted to have ingested heroin before slaughtering Spellman and their three kids.

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