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Evil Stepmother Killed Her 11-Year-Old Son And Stuffed His Body In A Suitcase And Left It On A Bridge

A recently discharged sworn statement gives realistic insights about the demise of Gannon Stauch, an 11-year-old Colorado kid discovered expired in Florida a month ago.

As CrimeOnline recently revealed, Gannon vanished on January 27 eventually between 3 p.m. what’s more, 4 p.m. from his Lorson Ranch home off of Mandan Drive, close to Colorado Springs. Gannon’s stepmother, Letecia Stauch, guaranteed the kid went out and stayed away forever home.

Letecia Stauch was the sole parental figure at the hour of the kid’s vanishing. Gannon’s dad, Albert Stauch, was on a work trip with the U.S. National Guards in Oklahoma, and his natural mother, Landen Hiott, was in South Carolina.

In March, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office in Florida reached the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado Springs to report a perished kid discovered north of Pensacola, in Pace. The kid’s body had purportedly been full into a bag and left under an extension.

The remaining parts were affirmed to be Gannon. Preceding recuperating Gannon’s body, specialists captured Letecia Stauch in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on first-degree murder and a few other lawful offense accusations regarding the case.

Untruth Detector Test

On February 20, CrimeOnline talked with Stauch, who asserted she needed to give consequences of a free untruth indicator test. Stauch said she needed to meet face to face and set up an opportunity to talk at a Starbucks in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, as she would not like to move the outcomes electronically.

A couple of days after the fact, Stauch said she had a security issue and requested to reschedule the gathering. In the wake of directing a telephone meeting on February 24, another gathering date was set up for Stauch to give the test outcomes.

I have a wellbeing delay, Stauch clarified. Nothing to do with the test or the official delegate. It’s a significant thing that has occurred.

In the wake of rescheduling, Stauch vowed to permit CrimeOnline to assess [the free agent’s] accreditations, law implementation, alongside the consequences of the falsehood locator test.

The morning of the day the gathering was to happen, Stauch dropped once more. When offered to do the meeting sometime in the future without the falsehood indicator results, Stauch demanded that she had stepped through the exam and sat back to facilitate with the free operator to join her for the meeting.

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Around four days after the fact, Stauch was captured for Gannon’s demise.

As per the sworn statement, Stauch purchased a false untruth identifier test off of the site, fakepolygraph.com. She was, at last, denied the phony test outcome when the board blocked it, in view of the substance of her inquiries. An agent with the organization revealed to her they maintained whatever authority is needed to not send the report on the off chance that they trusted it was regarding criminal operations.

I present that if Letecia Stauch had nothing to cover up, she wouldn’t need to pay for a phony falsehood identifier test, the sworn statement read.

Troubled Marriage, Resentment

As indicated by the capture testimony, Stauch made various disturbing on the web look, which demonstrated she may have been sick of dealing with her stepchildren. The ventures additionally demonstrated that she may experience been experiencing issues in her marriage.

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Search inquiries included, to a limited extent:

  • discover genuine military singles
  • child-rearing ought to be 4 individuals, not one
  • ‘im accomplishing all the work for my stepkids and their mother doesn’t help
  • I wonder if my spouse’s wife is sending me a card since I. raise. her. kids
  • for what reason should my better half pick me over family
  • one day a few people will wish. they treated you in an unexpected way
  • discover me a rich person who. needs me to deal with his children

In light of Letecia’s web history, it’s sensible to accept she was despondently hitched to Mr. Stauch and had some level of hatred toward the family as a stepparent, the testimony read. Moreover, days before Gannon’s homicide, Letecia seemed, by all accounts, to be examining a transition to another state to a two-room loft.

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