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FIFA 21: Major Improvements Fans Want So Desperately

FIFA fans want to implement some features which are so crucial for the game. But will the franchise think over it and take it under consideration for the future — some features which are concerned in franchise these days.

Career Mode Improvements

Fans also demand some improvements in Career mode; they demanded the introduction of the latest transfer. The ceremonies are no longer part of the FIFA, so they also want Award ceremonies like FIFA best player and many more. So a redefined version of Career mode should be added in FIFA and make the game more vulnerable.

Cross-Platform in FIFA

FIFA is an e-sports simulation that is thoroughly enjoyed by the whole world on their desired platforms. But they always are up against each other of the same platform, which needs to be changed in future franchises.

Why Cross-Platform is Important in FIFA

Cross-platform is crucial in FIFA, as there are many factors that could benefit the experience of FIFA.

  • Better Matchmaking

It’s pretty obvious, no one wants to wait longer for a match, and with the same platform’s system, it’s always late for matchmaking. So with the cross-platform matchmaking process will be smooth, and players will find their competitors easily.

  • Level of Competition

FIFA has the right level of competition, but it is based on ranks and seasons division wise. So to extend the competition, players from every platform should emerge in one. So that the competition builds higher and robust for the experience of FIFA.

Stoppage whistle at counter-attacks

The most irritating thing in EA Sports FIFA is the referee blown the whistle suddenly. Most cases happened when you are on the counter-attack and nearly could get a goal. All of a sudden referee blown the whistle to halt the game, and you are devastated with this move. So FIFA should take this under consideration and remove it from its database.

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Connection Glitches

There are many glitches with connections to the EA servers; it happened most of the occasions that connection been lost. This makes players lose their valuable points in the game, and the result is unfair for one, especially. Sometimes there is no point deduction whether a player is winning by a fair margin, so it needs to be fixed in FIFA.

 Be a Pro Mode

You surely remember those days when you can play with your favorite player as an individual. Be a Pro mode is one of the best modes FIFA ever had, and it’s high time that mode should come back to FIFA. FIFA will try every possible effort to please its fans, and it has everything which is required for a perfect football simulation. Just lacking Be a Pro mode in exhibition mode, which users play in career mode separately.

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Goalkeeper Mode

FIFA comprises various house rules in FIFA 19, such as volleys and headers and many others. But being a goalkeeper has different gameplay, and the fans will appreciate it. So FIFA should try something new this year and bring Goalkpeer mode in this year’s edition.

FIFA Arena 11vs11

However, FIFA from these last installments having a goalkeeper vs. player mode. But there is nothing like Practice mode in the game so that users can practice without the fear of losing their record. So Arena should get fully upgraded to 11vs11 so that users can exercise easily.

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