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Major Update For Candyman: The Horror Movie Will Receives A New Release Date After Delay

Universal officially confirms that Candyman’s new film, directed by Nia DaCosta and producer Jordan Peale, has been delayed until September 2020.

Candyman is postponed due to Coronavirus

The next reboot of Candyman was officially postponed due to coronavirus. Alterations and restarts have been part of the Hollywood system for decades, but have become even more common in recent years. One of the outgoing names that were reinvented is Candyman. The original film was released in 1992 and was played by Tony Todd in his now-famous Candyman portrait, but in 2018 it was announced that Jordan Peale – after the success of Get Out – would release a new version of the film.

The trailer ignited more enthusiasm

Universal and MGM have teamed up to bring the new Candyman to theatres, directed by Nia DeCosta (Little Woods) and starring Teyon Parris and Yahya Abdul-Mathin II. The film’s current relationship with the original Candyman has been carefully guarded, but those who can’t wait to see the new movie will see for the first time what will happen earlier this year. The debut trailer sparked more enthusiasm for Candyman’s summer release date but is now the last film in which the release date changed at the height of the coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier the was date was scheduled for June 12.

Previously, the film was released in theatres on June 12, but the studio confirmed that the film would be released on September 25, 2020. In this decision, Candyman accepts a Universal praise date. output. As a result, the public will have to wait another three months to see Candyman.

Other movies that are delayed

At this stage, Candyman’s delay was not a surprise, since almost all of June’s major issues were dismissed at this stage. Wonder Woman 1984 returned in August and Top Gun: Maverick recently announced a delay until December. Currently, Pixar Soul, Staten Island’s Juden Apatov and Fat Tone Deon Taylor are the only films widely released in June. However, these films are also likely to move, as reports indicate that cinemas may not be open before the end of June.

The new release date is September 25

Even if Candyman’s long wait is not what everyone wants from the film, there is still the possibility that this may be the best starting point for the film. If there was no coronavirus, and the summer season continued, as expected, Kendiman would enter Wonder Woman’s second weekend of 1984 and would have to compete with the rest of the summer season. This new release date for September 25 brings Candyman closer to Halloween (which is usually a plus for horror movies). He will have a gender-oriented contest with Quiet Place, Part II, and Spell: The Devil Made Me Do It, which will be released in cinemas earlier this month, but otherwise, Candyman may go to cinemas at a time when the public is impatient to scare

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