Netflix Extracurricular: Get To Know The Release Date, Cast Details And The Story Leaks.

Netflix Extracurricular
Source: Kdrampal

Fans are highly anticipating the upcoming Korean drama Extra- curriculum. It is a Netflix Original k-show series composed by Jim Han Sae titled extracurricular. Kim Jin-Min, who is credited for his lawful work, pride and extremism, and marriage contracts, has coordinated the upcoming Netflix show.

New Korean Drama Extracurricular Is All Set To Release This Month. Have A Look!

The Korean drama is scheduled to release on the streaming giant this month on the 29th. The story is a highly anticipated one and fans are already all-in with all these popular Korean dramas. These K-dramas are already quite a popular choice as a genre! The crime drama series is written by Song Ji-na’s son Jin Han-said. The Netflix show will be directed by Kim Jin-min [ko] who is credited with works like Time Between Dog and Wolf, Road No. 1 and Lawless Lawyer.

The upcoming Netflix drama revolves around a skilled secondary school student, anxious to evade the impasse of life. He goes to a universe of dismal crime to ensure that he will pay for school. Here are some of the exclusive images of the cast members who are going to star in the drama. Have a look.

What Is The Drama Show All About? Here’s What We Know!

However, in order to achieve his fantasy to attend a university, Oh Ji Soo carries out a crime to pay his educational cost. Soon, Web optimization Min-Hee, a school menace, gets involved in Oh Ji Soo’s violations and different students attempting to make some quick money.

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While on this dangerous journey from his school to the path of crime, the titular character of Oh Ji Soo faces some severe dangerous circumstances to achieve his goal. While the story looks promising enough, we have to wait until the Korean drama makes its way into the streaming giant.


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