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Netflix’s Tiger King: Joe Exotic Says Brad Pitt Is Perfect To Star In His Biopic

Here is everything that a person needs to know about the documentary that Joe Exotic is planning to prepare!

As all the subscribers of the streaming giant Netflix know that the movie, Tiger King, has marked its territory as water-cooler fodder even though fans can Not be physically in their offices right now, Joe Exotic, the controversial star of the movie has already started hunting for people who are going to play his role in what we can call is an eventual biopic.

Rebecca Chaiklin is the co-director in the movie who disclosed to The Hollywood Reporter that Joe Exotic is a multicoloured mullet donning big cat zookeeper as well as a polygamist and he would like the actor Brad Pitt or maybe David Spade to play his role.

Here what Rebecca Chaiklin has to say about this new project!

She added that Joe does not refer to David Spade as David Spade; instead, he calls him Joe Dirt. This is a direct reference to the widely panned 2001 adventure comedy in which Spade worked in.

Well, this documentary or you can say series throws the spotlight on the controversy of collecting big cats and the feud between Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado Passage as well as Carole Baskin who is the owner of Big Cat Rescue.

This are just the planning if early days as we know Joe Exotic is in prison right now!

We all know Kate Baskin from the show, Saturday Night Live, and he is going to play the role of Baskin in this limited series that is entirely based on the podcast from Wondery by Joe Exotic, but it is still early days.

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We know that Exotic is currently spending his sentence of 22 years in prison because he attempted to hire a hitman to execute Baskin. Exotic was also sentenced as he killed five young tigers while violating other animal rights.

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