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Predator Hunting Grounds:Everything We Know So Far!

Last Night was too much fun for the gamers all around the world as Gamescom got kicked off on it’s opening night. Many publishers have shown a glimpse of their masterpieces. So PlayStation never missed a chance after E3 snub, and they have demonstrated their new movie-based title Predator Hunting Grounds.

Predator Hunting Grounds is a mixed player simulation where you can act like both soldiers and, of course, the mighty predators.


About The Game

IllFonic masterpiece “Predator Hunting Grounds” is a co-op competitive and multiplayer title. It will take you down to the memory lane of a movie franchise Alien Vs. Predator as the mechanics of the game is pretty similar to movies.

So basically, we could take it as an adaptation of the movie franchise, which got rebooted later as a form of the game. This could be much exciting for the fans as there are very few games that let you be an antagonist at the same time. So Playstation grabbed a massive deal in terms of launching Predator exclusively on its platform.

Release Date

The game will hit the consoles on 24th April 2020, however, Coronavirus outbreak doesn’t have any such impact on the release of the game.


However, the game will solely available on PlayStation, and it could be exclusive for a long time. There are minimal chances that game could be on other platforms as well as this looks like the scenario of The Last of Us and God of War and many other exclusives.

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