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Riverdale Writers Respond To Their Insult After A Star Criticise Them

Well, well, well, here we have the Riverdale writers who are not getting the usual love, they used to have before. There had been a recent interview arranged during which Sam Witwer, who reprises the role of Mr. Chipping, revealed that he was less than enthusiastic about the way his character was made to exit the show.

Sam Witwer, in an interview, told the fans that he was not satisfied regarding the plot arc his character got!

This is not just all. The actor went ahead to throw some subtle shade towards the writing room. As this news is for the fans of the show, they are used to some weirdness out of this character, but everyone has to accept that the suicide of Mr. Chippings was something that we were not looking forward to. It was a bit too much and hard for anyone to handle. This had to be said by Witwer.

He said that as for why that character jumps out of a window, he has no idea even though he read the script and laughed. Sam says while he was reading the tale, he was like ‘yeah right, if course. Of course, he would love to jump’. Witwer says that he would love to say that he had deep thoughts about the whole thing, but he does not think that is the way they work over there.

But then we had the writers of Riverdale responding to his comments on their Twitter handles!

After this interview was published out for the world, the writers who wrote Riverdale caught wind of the comment and retaliated in a rather harsh manner. They started responding to this comment on social media by the official Twitter account for the writers and said that the mystery had been solved.

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They added that it is because everyone wanted to PUSH Sam out of the window. They concluded their clap back with a short message that says Stay Classy and safe. We, this tweet is still up for all the fans to see, and they look not so happy.

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