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Solo Leveling Season 2: Jin Woo’s Fate Revealed! Release Date And Other Details

There have been many anime series of many genres and of course of many countries which entertained us in all possible ways. If we talk about a particular country, like South Korea related to any anime series, then one name comes for sure, and that is, Solo Leveling.

Solo Leveling season two is an animated series. It is the first-ever Korean manga series. It is totally based upon a South Korean novel, Solo Leveling season, written by the Chu Gong. This animated series has just one season, but it is coming with the second season.

Releasing Date

The season one of animated series called Solo leveling really got a lot of positive response. Now the maker has determined to make the season second. They have now confirmed the second season, but at the same time, it was announced that season two would not come sooner.

It will start much later than season one as it will take some time to start. So it can’t even except the year of release until and unless makers declare it. According to the makers, the Solo Leveling is on a break.


The plot of Solo Leveling revolves around a guy called Sung Jin-Woo, who is a hunter. In the first season, we saw that it ended with the Jin Woo opening a gate and fought with monsters and then, at last, turned to red. In the upcoming season, the fans will see that Sung-Jin Woo’s dad is still missing.

According to the sources, the fans know that he is a hunter, a powerful one, a level of national hunter. So we will see that the USA won’t be forgetting a single chance to take him. We will also see the USA and China in the series. In this season, the supporter will watch a battle between National hunter and Sung-Jin Woo. The fans and viewers became happy with the news that the Solo Leveling will be coming with its sequel, but when they knew that it would take some time or a lot of time to publish, then somewhere, they became upset.

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