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Stranger Things Season 4: How Eleven Or Hopper Could Be Antagonist For Finale

Stranger Things Season 3 pulled out a massive cliffhanger, about the status of Jim Hopper. It is believed that he died at the end, but he survived somehow and now on the tail of Russians. A teaser cleared the air about his future in the show and proved that there must be chaos after the last incident.


Demogorgon only controlled by Mind Flayer or either the passage is working again. So it is clear that gates are not closed yet and mind flayer is still out there. So it is definitely a bad sign for the people that they will gather in mass numbers for sure.

Jim Hopper

Now it is too dangerous for Jim Hopper to be alive as he could be used as a lethal weapon against the Americans. Mind Flayer flayed someone’s body to survive longer so Jim Hopper would be a perfect role to be his pawn.

Stranger Things Season 4: Jim Hopper
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The Mighty Girl who lost her powers at the end of the previous season will definitely be looking for retaining them. She possesses the capability to stop Mind Flayer from his evil antics but now she is the weakest of all. So Mind flayer could possibly take advantage of her absence of mystical powers and get her under his control.

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Eleven or Hopper For Antagonist?

So now it could happen for sure that Hopper or Eleven will be the one who gets against the town. if this will be the case, then they might end up like Bill and that will be disastrous for the kids.

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Stranger Things Season 4
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Mind Flayer-The Evil Genius

The main concern is the antagonist’s death, did it happen for sure or there is a chance of his revival. His revival chance could depend upon Heather Holloway as she was missing at the end of Mind Flayer. So we believed that he is much smarter than someone could ever imagine. He ruled out the presence of Heather and left a chance of his own survival for later.

Mind Flayer
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