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Stranger Things Season 4: How Mind Flayer Could Revive Again?

As Stranger Things season 3 ends in a mixed way that is both tragic and happy. As the death of Billy is confirmed in the show and also the Mind Flayer got neutralized. But we don’t know what comes ahead in the show, ahead only signifies here about the next season.

Mind Flayer Revival Possibility

Heather Holloway

The main concern is the antagonist’s death, did it happen for sure or there is a chance of his revival. His revival chance only depends upon Heather Holloway as she was missing at the end of Mind Flayer. So we believed that he is much smarter than someone could ever imagine. He ruled out the presence of Heather and left a chance of his own survival for later. This theory proved the existence of a Demogorgon in the Russian facility.

Demogorgon Twist

Post Credit scene is getting much hyped as there is a possibility that Jim Hopper is still alive and convicted. But the real deal is a Demogorgon dog is still alive and put a Russian to the toast. so now antagonists are ready once again to deliver such severe damage to the people once again.

Facility Twist

In the post-credit scene, there were some conversations about an American conviction. Later on, a Russian put up alone with a Demogorgon and then he will surely suck the life out of him. But “American” here could be indicating Hopper’s survival as there were no Russian soldiers caught after the incident. So now Jim Hopper could be used as a weapon for the state as he could be the next contender of Mind Flayer’s body. But we can rule this out as a teaser shown that hopper is still alive and helping Russians mining something. But still, Hopper is either will be a weapon or again an obstacle in Russian expectations.

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