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The New Mutants: The X-Men Spinoff Not Receive A New Release Date After Delay, Here’s Know The Reason

Down below is what the fans need to know about the upcoming movie, The New Mutants!

As all the fans know that The New Mutants is an upcoming American film in the Superhero genre that excels in the type of horror. The movie is based on the Marvel Comics team that shares the same name and is distributed by 20th Century Studios.

The creators of The New Mutants have intended it to be an installment of the X Men film series. Josh Boone has directed this new upcoming movie.

Here is what the plot of this tale would look like!

The movie is going to be all about a group of young mutants who have been held in a secret facility fight to help save themselves—Simon Kinberg, along with Karen Rosenfelt and Lauren Shuler Donner.

Since the movie was first announced, it got various release dates. The New Mutants was recently set to launch in the United States on the 3rd of April, 2020. The movie had been removed from its initial launch date that was back in March of 2020.

There were many release dates for the movie, but to date, a guaranteed release date is not known!

This step was taken to avoid the outbreak of the fatal Corona Virus while they had any intention of rescheduling it sometime later in 2020.

The film’s director has said that the initially planned trilogy was unlikely to happen because of the Marvel Studios by Disney gaining the control of the characters.

Here is the list of the cast members that are starring in this movie!

  • Maisie Williams reprises the role of Rahne Sinclair, also known as Wolfsbane.
  • Anya Taylor Joy enacts the character of Illyana Rasputin, also known as, Magik
  • Charlie Heaton will do the part of Sam Guthrie, also known as, Cannonball
  • Alice Braga is going to reprise the role of Cecilia Reyes
  • Blu Hunt is going to enact the character of Danielle Moonstar, also known as Mirage.
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