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The Witcher Season 2: When Is The Geralt Returning? 5 Fan Theories To Know

After the release of the show, The Witcher, the viewers of it have been so highly anticipated for a new season that they have started creating fan theories regarding it. Here, The Digital Wise has brought to you, five primary methods established by the fans.

  1. Jaskier and Geralt are going to meet again!

Well, here is a piece of excellent news for all the fans of Jaskier, who started loving the friendly but often clueless bard. Jaskier is more likely to return for the next season amd fans can expect some more of that snarky back and forth that happened between our Geralt of Rivia and the bard.

2. Yennefer and Ciri are going to bond!

In the books, it has been written that the character of Ciri is not very fond of Yennefer when she first meets her. She starts to despise the witch and grows jealous of her. This hatred is because Yennefer is very beautiful, and Ciri fears that she will never become as beautiful as her.

3. Old characters will start to appear!

It has already been mentioned by the creators of the Witcher that various old characters are going to come back in the second season and play even more significant roles than ever. We can expect the first role of this kind to be if Triss, but he just starts the list.

4. Ciri is going to discover her magical powers!
Even though we were never properly told or also discussed in the first installment, but it is more than sure that Ciri has some powers in her, which are extraordinary.

5. It is expected that Vesemir makes an appearance!
In the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, Vesemir is an older Witcher who lives at Kaer Morhen and acts as a mentor of Geralt. In total, his role is vital as a secondary character.

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