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V Wars Season 2: Why Netflix Decided To Cancel The Drama Series For Another Season?

V Wars Season 2 Officially Canceled

Ian Somerhalder’s battle against the undead is arriving at an early resolution. Netflix has dropped the science fiction show V Wars after only one season, TVLine has affirmed.

About The Show

Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries) featured as Dr. Luther Swann, a researcher who enters a universe of untold frightfulness when a puzzling illness changes his closest companion into a deadly predator who benefits from different people. As the illness spreads and more individuals are transformed, society cracks into contradicting camps setting typical individuals in opposition to the developing number of these ‘vampires.

Reason For Cancellation

It manages the things we’re operating in our reality at this moment: fringes, prejudice, sickness, dread, legislative issues — the governmental issues of fear, Somerhalder told TVLine in the blink of an eye before the arrangement’s debut in Dec. 2019. These things aren’t merely occurring in our reverberation loads; they’re going on around the globe. What’s more, [the vampire virus] occurs because of uncontrolled frosty decay. Ice is dissolving and uncovering pathogens, viruses, and microbes that could make the bubonic plague seem as though a chickenpox party.

Netflix has likewise allegedly dropped The October Faction after one season. The arrangement followed beast trackers Fred (Hemlock Grove’s J.C. MacKenzie) and Deloris Allen (Bones’ Tamara Taylor) who concealed their ways of life as individuals from a covert syndicate. At the same time, their young children had to live in a town caught before.

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