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13 Reasons Why Season 4: What’s The Update On Its Release Date? What Are The Possible Theories For It?

Latest update about 13 Reasons Why Season 4

The collection was created by Brian Yorkey and aired on Netflix and adapted from the 2007 novel of the same title written by Jay Asher. The collection was originally produced as a mini-series or limited collection but was renewed for a second season in 2017 due to the huge recognition of the first season, the second season that started at Might 2018, which was approved by the third season that started in August 2019.

The representation of material comparable to suicide and teenage rape has been hugely successful. However, the mature content material that was purchased in addition to harassment by psychological wellness experts and, in response, Netflix shot some scenes and also added some duplication or warnings of playing cards. All three seasons were applauded and consisted of 13 episodes each. Being one of the many top-rated collections on Netflix, it’s no wonder it’s back with the fourth season.

Release date

There has been no official announcement on the release date, however, the final period has already been completed in 2019 and the construction of this brand new takes almost 12 and a half months. Due to the current blocking situation due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many productions have been put into maintenance and this could affect the same. It’s hard to count on anything right now, but the collection will be considered starting from the fourth season by mid-2021 after the start of the champion.

Who we are going to see in season 4?

Netflix hasn’t said anything about the star, but the main player who should return to play is Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen, Brandon Flynn as Justin Foley, Justin Prentice as Bryce Walker, Alisha Boe as Jessica. Devis, Navaro as Tony Padilla, including some extras for the album. Deakon Bluman is expected to return as Winston. Timothy Granaderos just can’t come back because the Montgomery character couldn’t do it in season 3.

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The storyline for season 4

The main story of the comedy revolves around Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), who commits suicide because of harassment and sexual abuse. His friend is trying to discover the author and, as in previous seasons, we estimate that this season he will also face other concerns about young people and places, while the author’s persecution continues. Fans can’t wait for next season to find out what will happen next!

 Here are some fan theories: 

  • Ani leaves the town

Fans didn’t * love * adding a new storyteller for the third season 13 reasons why. Believing that disappointing an imaginary TV personality does not give anyone the right to send hatred to actress Grace Saif online, Elite Daily has described why fans believe Ani Achola will not return for 13 reasons. Annie came to Liberty High because her mother worked as a living nurse for Bryce Walker’s grandfather. Now that Walker is dead, the writers could easily have written this unpopular character, explaining that Ani’s mother had to find a new patient, leading Ani to move to high school.

  • Bryce left 13 tapes

We are not sure of Monty’s fate, but Bryce Walker is definitely dead and gone. After a strange period of redemption for the serial rapist, we saw Bryce’s latest, but we may not have heard * the last from him. Reddit user Matthew-on Reddit thinks Bryce Walker left 13 films, not just the final confession he gave Jessica in detail about his previous crimes and subsequent blame. With 13 reasons why season four serves as the final arc of the dramatic dragon, Bryce’s 13 films that serve as the anchor of the era will bring the series in full swing.

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