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Disney Live-Action Mulan: New Release Date And Other Important Updates

Disney’s Mulan is an upcoming Disney’s Live action drama movie. The director of the film is Niki Caro, and Rick Jaffa, It is inspired by the Chinese myth “The Ballad of Mulan” and a live-action of Disney’s 1998 animated flick of the equal name.

Lauren Hynek, Amanda Silver, and Elizabeth Martin wrote the screenplay and produced by Walt Disney Pictures.

Ideas for a live-action Mulan remake began in 2010, but the project never eventuated. In 2015, a new trial was declared, and Caro was appointed to direct in February 2017.

Liu was highlighted in the leading role in November 2017, after the casting of 1,000 actresses, and the remaining cast entered over the following year. Filming commenced in August 2018 and remained through November, happening in New Zealand and China.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus, the release of the movie is delayed and now receives a new release date.

Here Are Every Major Update On Mulan

What Is The New Release Date Of Mulan?

In the beginning, Mulan was supposed to release in theaters on March 27, 2020. But now it will release in cinemas on July 24, 2020.

Do We Have A Trailer Of Mulan?

Here’s the trailer of Disney live-action Mulan, have a look:

Who Will Feature In Mulan?

Following are the cast members of Disney live-action Mulan:

  • Liu Yifei as Mulan
  • Gong Li as Xian Lang
  • Jet Li as The Emperor of China
  • Yoson An as Chen Honghui
  • Jason Scott Lee as Bori Khan
  • Donnie Yen as Commander Tung
  • Tzi Ma as Hua Zhou, Mulan’s father
  • Rosalind Chao as Hua Li, Mulan’s mother
  • Doua Moua as Chien-Po
  • Xana Tang as Hua Xiu
  • Ron Yuan as Sergeant Qiang
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What Are The Story Details Of Mulan?

Synopsis of Disney’s live-action Mulan says that ‘When China’s ruler says a declaration that one man per family must involve in the Imperial Chinese Army to defend the country against Huns, Hua Mulan, the mature daughter of a reputed warrior, influences in to get the place of her ill father. She tried every step of the way and must give her strength and embrace her true potential. It is a process that will change her into an admired warrior and get her the appreciation of a grateful nation and a glad father.’

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