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Here’s How The Romantic Couple Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Spending Their Time Together During Lockdown

The couple showed their quarantine lifestyle to the public

March was a difficult month for almost everyone, and celebrities, as usual, made it difficult to inspire. Some attempts were obvious failures, such as covering the “Imagine” with the Gal Gadot helmet, while others were more practical, such as Gwyneth Paltrow’s lesson on personal protective equipment. But in the last two weeks, no one has been consistent in giving the public an idea of their quarantine lifestyle compared to pop stars Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.

The duo was spotted doing their regular stuff

For the past two weeks, the couple has been spotted taking regular walks outside of Miami, where they are facing a corona crisis. In a sense, they are simply creating a suitable social distance: they are wearing only the strangest clothes they have in their possession, restricting their contact with people in their homes and never allowing any paparazzi to be within a six-foot radius.

Some strange things too happened

Eventually, some strange things started to happen. On Thursday, a blow came for the first time, showing that they were holding a series of coffee cups as if they were just supporting. He accepted false accusations until someone pointed out that they had just had their coffee a few minutes earlier. So on Tuesday, someone saw a video of them crawling down the street at an incredibly slow pace and immediately jumped back on social media.

Clearly, they learned how to show their best angles during quarantine, and that worked. the images have become much more flattering. But maybe, maybe, it’s a metaphor. After all, we have all slowed down our lifestyles, and for people like Cabello and Mendes, whose work includes taking photos of themselves working from home, they could simply make it easier for the photographers who still have to pay. Rent during this current economic crisis.

The photos revealed compatibility between them

The images also reflect the quality of the mirror of the fun of the paired relationship. Last June, Cabello, and Mendes continued to say they were just friends when they released their “Señorita” collaboration. It reached the height of the frenzy of the “Old Town Road” but stopped, eventually reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 at the end of August. It was the second time they had worked together, after the strange 2015 experiment “I know what you did last summer,” but this time the couple’s chemistry was unquestionable. When the song was released in late 2018, Mendes said Cabello was the only person willing to record it. In July 2019, kisses were detected, and, in September, they confirmed that they date back to real life.

It initially resembled a modern version of old Hollywood love stories between movie stars who were invented by movie studios and dramatized by fan magazines, and You are already on the volatile ground if you have to go out and say that your relationship is not “definitely an advertising bell,” as Mendes did last September.

Something is refreshing about the duo

However, there is the authenticity of both the ease of their relationship in the early 1920s and the degenerate way they talk to each other in interviews. If you’ve seen their incredible sluggishness at the American Music Awards, which Camila followed with an impressively enthusiastic shout at “Karen, Shawn’s Mom, Looking at Toronto,” it’s hard to deny that the couple’s bond is legitimate. Way.

And now, in the days of the corona, the proverb “Love with what you are” has never been so literal. It makes sense that Gen Z’s response to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake recite love in a way that is somewhat more fancy and far more ironic than their ancestors at the same time. There is something refreshing about a couple that shows us exactly how to have a clear quarantine that conveniently promotes some publicity. All celebrities can learn from their approach.

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