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Homeland Season 8: It Is The Last Season, What Could Happen.

It seems like fans should mentally prepare them as the popular show Homeland is returning for the eighth and final season. The thriller is all set to come to an end with Carrie Mathison’s toughest assignment to date. Let us look into the details of season 8.

Get Ready For An Thrill Packed Season 8 Of Action Drama Homeland!

This time it will follow the return to Afghanistan as the U.S. attempts to end its longest-running war. Season 8 is coming after an almost two years hiatus where fans we can witness the CIA intelligence officer Carrie recovering in a treatment center after having suffered a severe mental breakdown during her seven months of exile spent in the Russian prison.

Surprisingly, we saw that Yevgeny has revealed that Carrie shared her most personal secrets with him despite the fact that he imprisoned her and denied Carrie her medication as well. Take a look at the trailer to get a glimpse of what’s ahead!

Is Season 8 Going To Be The Final Season Of The Show? Showrunner Spills Major Beans!

As we saw Carrie appears to be ready to start one of her own to free Max from Haqqani’s son. It ended in a cliffhanger ending as fans saw Carrie has her gun drawn and Yevgeny trying to hold her back. We need to see how the equation ends with the finale season of the show.

The actress revealed that it is a perfect parallel that her character is struggling with PTSD and doesn’t know how to narrate her own story. Moreover, the show is planning some major changes for its final season as revealed by showrunner Alex Gansa. Gansa has been hitting for quite a while that the show will come to an end after the eighth season. Even actress and Homeland sat Claire Danes also confirmed the same.

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