Officials Arrested And Charged Husband Who Mysteriously Killed His Wife Who Was Missing From A Month

Source: New York Post

St Petersburg police charged a Florida man Friday with the demise of his ex, who was accounted for missing over a month back.

Missing on March 2

Andelka Morariu, 62, was accounted for missing on March 2 by a relative when she neglected to appear grinding away, the Tampa Bay Times announced.

George Morariu, 60, told police that she left their home on February 28 by walking and didn’t return, however, police said they investigated observation video demonstrating Andelka Morariu went in the home that day and never left.

Further, they stated, video indicated George Morariu conveying an enormous article from the home and setting it in the storage compartment of Andelka’s vehicle hours after the fact.

The death was a homicide

Agents looked through the home and the two vehicles there and found natural proof that was connected to Andelka, police stated, including that the clinical analyst decided on Friday the way of her passing was a murder by undefined methods.

Records indicated that the Morarius separated in 2018 however kept on living respectively and even date, a relative told WFLA. A neighbor told the station the couple battled regularly.


George Morariu was accused of second-degree murder, as per prison records, which likewise show he was accused of disturbing ambush with a dangerous weapon in 2015, yet the demeanor of that case was not satisfactory.

Police said the examination was continuous.


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