The Kissing Booth 2: Is Even Netflix In Plan For Season 2 Yet

Source: Teen Vogue

Here we have the information that you all need to know about a sequel of The Kissing Booth!

As all the fans of the movie, The Kissing Booth, know that it was one of the most rewatched movies of the year 2018. This factor made it another hugely popular teen romantic comedy alongside another Netflix original called To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

And thus, back in 2019, the streaming giant gave the fans what they were eagerly wanted for Valentine’s Day. The creators confirmed that a sequel to The Kissing Booth is finally happening.

Here we have a link to the YouTube video that confirmed this great news!

Well, if we talk about a release date, then it is quite hard because a certain one has yet not been confirmed. Unfortunately, we just have the power of guessing at this point. All this time, Netflix took to its official Instagram handle to post a teaser that has a vague date to keep your eye on the Spring season of 2020.

But when are we finally be able to see this second part of The Kissing Booth?

Sources have revealed that the filming on this sequel had already started in June of 2019 and finished back in October of 2019. If we do some careful calculations, it can be concluded that the second part might release sometime in May 2020 on the streaming platform, but again, this isn’t any reliable guess.

Down below is some exciting news about the cast members! Read to find out!

You can all tighten your excitement belts because here we have the news about the cast members in the show. It has been confirmed officially by Netflix that Maisie Richardson Sellers, as well as Taylor Perez, have joined the cast for this show. According to the description provided, these both are going to be the love interests but nit for each other.


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