Asteroid Alert!!! NASA Gives Major Details Regarding Asteroid That Will Come Near Earth On 29th April

Source: Daily Express

NASA has recently reported that there is evidence of large asteroid that is about to surpass our Earth at the end of April. The space rock named 1998 OR2 is the biggest recorded asteroid and has proximity to the Earth on April 29th.

It was categorized as a potentially hazardous asteroid, but then the space agency claimed not to worry as we are safe from any collision.

Further, the space agency reported that the size of the asteroid is at least a mile wide and is huge as 4.1 km based on the EarthSky.

NASA reported that although the asteroid watch reiterated could pose a potential hazardous impact on our planet, it might not have any direct impact with or on the planet as per the predictions.

The asteroid rock, 1998 OR2 is still too far away from our planet and estimated to pass our Earth on April 29 and predicted to come with a safe distance which is more than 16 times the average distance between the Earth and the moon.

So there are fewer chances for it to collide with us and they added that the orbit where it is revolving is well understood and will surpass harmlessly at 16 times the distance to our moon.

Many potentially hazardous asteroids were reported in the past years and this 198 OR2 is one such among them. Most of them had no impact or chance of colliding with the Earth.

According to the EarthSky, there is nothing to worry about the near future asteroid which is approaching the Earth as this was already discovered nearly 200 years ago.


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