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Breaking Bad: Why It Will Remain As The Most Iconic Series Ever Made!

Breaking Bad is one of the best series ever witnessed by the screen geeks. It undisputedly marked its significance in terms of storyline buildup and climax. There are so many reasons why Breaking Bad Will never loses its shine as the greatest show.


Breaking Bad’s storyline is one of a kind and the show took twists and turns quickly and every major part happened rapidly. Story buildup doesn’t have many complications in comparison to such highly rated other shows.

Breaking Bad- A Joy To Watch

Fans find Breaking Bad much exciting as there are many elements of surprise in the show, whereas Game of Thrones is quite boring sometimes. As resultant fans most likely to Binge-watch Breaking Bad regularly than some reputated shows.

Breaking Bad: Walter White on the big screen: 'Breaking Bad' movie ...
Source: The Economic Times


It is the last roll on the dice for the breaking bad as the climax was totally enjoyable but emotional too and tragic but somehow satisfying for the fans.

Future Projects

Breaking Bad Storyline also worked out for future projects such as El-Camino movie and it is reported that there is too much to go.


Breaking Bad was a massive hit but the c0-runner Better Call Saul also marked its unique storyline and connected to it somehow. However, the end of Saul is in Breaking Bad itself.

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