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Monstrous Man Faces Trail After Brutally Stabbing His NHS Nurse Wife To Death On the Street

A man blamed for cutting his NHS nurture spouse to death on the road will go being investigated in the not so distant future.

Mum-of-three Victoria Woodhall, 31, who was taking a shot at the coronavirus cutting edge, was assaulted outside her home in Windsor Crescent in the Middlecliffe territory of Barnsley not long before 5 pm on Sunday.

Declared dead on the scene

Crisis administrations were called to the property however the wellbeing specialist was articulated dead at the scene.

Ex-armed force warrior Craig Woodhall, 40, showed up by means of video-connect at Sheffield Crown Court for a 10-minute hearing on Thursday.

A further hearing has been fixed for May 4 and a preliminary date has been temporarily set for 28 September. There was no application for bail.

Woodhall, who was remanded in care, was told his temporary preliminary date may be changed later on due to the ‘national health-related crisis’.

Recorder of Sheffield Judge Jeremy Richardson QC, who showed up in court, stated: ‘All being great, it will continue on that date yet we live in marginally dubious occasions and I can’t make any certifications right now.’

South Yorkshire Police said and after death assessment finished up Mrs Woodhall kicked the bucket from numerous cut injuries.

Tributes were made to the ‘appreciated’ working office expert at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust after her passing at the end of the week.

The daughter had a wish to celebrate his thirteenth birthday with her mom

Ex Gareth Cowley, 33, said their little girl was expected to praise her thirteenth birthday celebration with her mum.

He stated: ‘My little girl is in supreme bits. She was an astonishing and adoring mum to our little girl. I generally had the most extreme regard for her.’

Angela Wood, the boss medical attendant at the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, stated: ‘She was a valued and much-cherished partner working in our working theatres.’

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