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NASA Plans For Virtual Space Tours For People; Brings Space On Earth

So far NASA is known for exploring various mysteries on the space. Amid these pandemic ongoing across the globe, NASA is still able to provide us the additional information to help us understand the world that is located outside our planet.

Though it is difficult to bring the information on the space to the Earth, NASA can easily do this by providing virtual tours to digital visitors that might help them to enjoy their homestay while helping them to pass the time practicing the social distancing.

“Go for flight” will help you experience the outer space option while people are still being at home. During 2018, NASA has launched its first virtual tour project known as “Go for flight” and it achieved the 360-degree access with the help of the jet F/A-18 and the flight has facilities including control rooms. During the year 2018, the space agency allows digital visitors to volunteer step inside the AFRC gates.

Further, they reported that this latest segment of their virtual tour highlights the key areas while the first area of the tour provides a 360-degree view of the Dale Reed flight Research Laboratory which is known as “Model Shop” where the agency uses to gather the flight data at low-cost environment allowing them to take less risk on the ongoing project with the help of subscales model of the aerial vehicles.

The second phase continues at the X-57 flight simulator where the space pilots practice their mission and gaining their experience for their upcoming procedures. The next destination will be the Dryden Aeronautical Range control room where the missions are closely monitored and planned. While the last phase of the tour will take the digital audience to NASA’s aircraft ramp where they can see the jets that are ready to take off on a flight mission.

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