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NASA To Send InSight Lander On Mars To Explore The Red Planet

So far the red planet Mars has always remained a matter of study and the area of research for the space scientists and astronauts. To date, the space agency has come up with vast progress and development in the field with different theories explaining the life of Mars.

Proceeding with these findings, NASA is now on the verge of sending InSight Lander which will study and research the Mars and trace out the details of the planet.

The main objective of the mission is to detect the seismic activities that are happening on the red planet surface and this project was taken into research as there are no seismic activities reported on Mars ever before.

Further, scientists wanted to know the reason behind the loss of the magnetic field on the planet which didn’t let any seismic activity happen on the planet so far. So the idea of the mission to launch the InSight Lander lays the research to find out the details and later to implement it as well.

And this is the first time our space agency is concentrating on the seismology study of a planet. So the mission has a lot of expectations towards the space enthusiasts. Here are some of the primary areas where the InSight Lander will be working on: It will check the interior of the planet and know about the loss of seismic activity on it. Additionally, it will determine the presence of marsquakes happening on the planet.

 It will also provide information regarding the thickness and composition of the Mars crust, mantle, and core which are considered to be the three essential layers of the planet to study.

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 It will also explore the presence of any tectonic plates on the Mars surface.

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