NASA’s Mars Rover Perseverance Quipped With High Tech Wheels For Its Exceptional Performance


From the recent news about NASA’s Mars rover, Perseverance has been fitted with new wheels and a massive air brake parachute which means it is ready for the launch. The rover has its wheel fitted last year, but those engineered wheels have been checked for testing whether the rover can withstand on its wheels and able to take its weight.

With these testing completed now, the space agency can now remove the demo wheels and replace them with the real ones that the rover will run on when it is launched to the Mars surface.

The new rover, Perseverance has different wheels when compared to the other spacecraft of NASA, Curiosity. Its wheels are larger in diameter which is around 52.6 cm vs 50.8 cm and is slightly narrowed. While on the other hand, Curiosity’s wheels have 24 spaced widely treads just like a chevron pattern that helps the rover to avoid slipping sideways as there are chances for it to move across unstable surfaces including sand when it tries to climb up the winding path of Mount Sharp.

While Perseverance has wheels with 48 gently curved treads that are arranged together which the engineers found it is similar to those of the other rovers treads that provide the same grip pattern but can better withstand the pressure from sharp rocks.

There is another point to concentrate by the engineers is that the breaks, as the Curiosity has small issues with the breaks in some of its wheels, although they work for the lifetime of the rover. Now the engineers have to make sure this problem doesn’t persist with their newer design and should prevent this kind of wear and tear problems.


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