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No Time to Die: The Director Says The James Bond Movie Was Completed Before The Delay

The launch of No Time To Die has been shifted one after the other, and now it has been fixed!

As all the fans of the James Bond Franchise know that Cary Fukunaga is the director of the 25th and Daniel Craig’s last debut in the role of James Bond called No Time To Die. Cary has now revealed that this final 007 agent movie has finally finished.

This film was initially set to release this month. Still, because of the current world scenarios and the wake of the fatal Corona Virus pandemic, the producers of this fantastic tale decided that delaying this movie is going to be the best decision at such a point in time.

Cary Fukunaga said that before Corona Virus shut everything down, No Time To Die was fully trimmed and polished!

This movie was the first one in the whole Hollywood productions to delay its released date, and now the creators have decided to push it back further to November of 2020. And since this decision, every major Hollywood film has pushed back its release date or even has indefinitely delayed because this pandemic is causing theatres to shutter.

Well, this movie that stars actor Daniel Craig got a head start in securing a release date in November itself. It does not suggest that this James Bond movie is going to have more work done on it.

The movie will release on the 12th of November in the United Kingdom and on the 25th of November in the United States!

Cary Fukunaga, the director of No Time To Die, disclosed that the production window on the James Bond film has now closed. He told this as a reply to a question asked by a fan on the Instagram handle. The problem was; If the release date switch is going to allow him to work on the film some more.

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