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One Direction Reunion! Harry Styles Is Clearly Not Ready.

While fans are no stranger to popular bands breaking up and the members going on their separate ways! This has happened in the past and also happened with one of the most popular bands in recent times One Direction!

Harry Styles Is Not Keen About A One Direction Reunion! Here’s What We Know.

However, it seems like One Direction is planning a reunion soon just for fans who all have been rooting for the band for years! Although this reunion will be a virtual one as suggested by Harry Styles while on an interview via his phone to SiriusXM Hits 1’s The Morning Mash.

The host Nicole Ryan came up with a unique idea of where the members might hop on zoom and maybe do a quick five minutes performance. This will surely bring joy to so many people worldwide!

The Possibility Of A One Direction Reunion Seems Bleak And Might Not Have Zayn Malik In It!

However, Harry Styles was not quite about the idea by the looks of it. It was pretty much clear that the members are not ready to be a band again even if it for a quick performance via zoom video! Although Harry Styles has not completely ruled out the idea of a reunion down. However, it might be a big question of bringing all the members together for a reunion.

Things pretty much turned sour when Zayn Malik was the first member to leave the band behind and concentrate on his solo career. After that Zayn Malik even said that One Direction’s song we’re generic and it didn’t suit his style. Back in 2018 the singer even called One Direction as a machine. So even if there is a reunion of the band in the near future we might not see Zayn Malik after all these statements that he made about the band!

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