Pirates Of The Caribbean 6: Updates On Johnny Depp And Orlando Bloom’s Return.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 6
Source: Herald Journalism

Fans cannot get enough of the popular Pirates of the Caribbean movies and it seems like even the studio is still quite keen on making yet another Pirates of Caribbean movie! Although pst is any indication the last two movies received a somewhat lukewarm response from fans.

Is Johnny Depp Returning For The Sixth Installment Of Pirates Of The Caribbean Despite The Rumored Rift?

However, despite that Disney is still.plannin to go head with a sixth movie, this time in the form of a reboot! Fans are still curious to know which of the familiar faces will be joining us for the upcoming reboot as well.

While the title of the reboot is yet to be revealed it is reported that the script is underway with screenwriter Ted Elliott. While it was reported a few weeks ago that the studio might be roping in our very own Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp in this upcoming reboot.

Is Disney Going To Bring Back Orlando Bloom Back Into The Fold As Well?

So, with that question, pretty much-solved fans are curious to know whether Orlando Bloom is also returning or not? Well, according to some reliable insider source it is more or less possible that even Bloom is returning for the sixth installment as well. While this is just an unconfirmed rumor but it is pretty much possible that the actor is in talks with Disney for the reboot.

It seems like, despite Depp’s rumored rift with the studio and his ongoing feud with ex-wife Amber Heard that did throw him into the negative light, Disney has reportedly decided to reopen the dialogue and bring him back into the fold. So only time will tell whether these two familiar and important faces are returning for the sixth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.


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