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Planning to convert Video to GIF? Here’s how Uniconverter can be useful

Uniconverter is a video converter launched in the year 2009. It is also, known as an all-in-one video converter, because of the special features that it possess. Recently, it has launched a special feature that is creating GIFs from videos. Well, did you imagine how interesting it would be to create GIFs from a video for free? Besides, to help clients in compressing and converting the videos in different formats, creating GIFs has also become easy now. 

Uniconverter also helps in transforming Video to GIF and is an important feature. Many of them were waiting for this feature for a long time. After the launch of the new feature, Uniconverter has gained more popularity. With the help of any video, you can create GIFs now. The process of creating GIFs is quite easy and is explained in this article. Along with the process, some of the unique features of Uniconverter are also explained. The main objective of explaining the features is to help people understand the benefits of Uniconverter.

  • Easy to convert 

When you take a look at the new tool, the first thing that you would notice is how comfortable you are in using the software. If the process of using the application is difficult, you would not prefer to use it. Some of them might try using it for one or two times, but after a few trials, they will not use the application anymore. In that case, Uniconverter is a much better video converter as the process that one needs to follow to do the conversion is quite easy. 

UniConverter: Makes Your Video Stand Out

  • Editing videos

Imagine, you have shot a video, and after that, you realize that the light was not proper and you do not have that much time to shoot the whole video again. In that case, you can edit the video in Uniconverter in such a way that the video looks like you have a shot in that way. It helps in saving a lot of energy and time and also helps in saving a lot of resources that you would spend while shooting the video again. Editing videos is a unique feature of Uniconverter, which is not present in many other video converters. 

  • Video recorder and downloader

Well, most of them who are using Uniconverter do not know that video recording can also be done. Along with this, downloading videos from various websites like YouTube, or links, is possible. You need to paste the link of the video, which you wish to download. After that, the video will be downloaded. 

  • Specific format conversion

It would be quite helpful when you can convert any video files that are available in a certain specific format. By converting the videos, you can freely watch the video in your device at any point in time. People often tend to skip videos that are not supported in their devices because of the file format. But, now they can watch those videos after converting them in the format that the device supports. As a result, they can play a lot of videos that are previously not compatible with their device.

  • Video cropping and trimming 
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How about cropping and trimming videos? When you were watching a video, you notice that there are some parts that you didn’t like. Well, in that case, you can simply eliminate that part by trimming and cropping. It is an interesting tool that only Uniconverter has. With the help of this tool, you can edit the video according to your convenience. You need to select the part and press on the “trim” and “crop” option to complete the process. For users who are looking for more convenience can opt for Uniconverter to enjoy these features. 

Take a look at the process of converting videos to GIFs.

The process that one needs to follow to convert videos in GIFs is quite easy. A new person who has never used the video converter in the past can also use it by reading the process. Once you understand the process of conversion, you would love to do it quite easily. Creating GIFs from your videos is also fun especially when you do it by yourself. Come; let’s take a look at the process that one needs to follow for converting the videos to GIFs. 

  • First, select the video that you wish to convert in GIF.
  • After selecting, go and click on Uniconverter and open it. 
  • Ensure there is no downloading and installation process that you need to do while using Uniconverter.
  • You must just select on the best video converter so that it gets opened. 
  • After that, select on the “Add” button so that you can add the files that you wish to change into GIF. You can also drag and drop the file if you do not want to follow the “Add” button process. 
  • Press on the GIF button and wait for the file to get converted. 
  • Once the file gets converted, you can either download it by specifying the location or save it in the “Dropbox” and watch it whenever you wish to. 

If you can follow the above steps, converting videos into GIFs would be difficult for you. To know how much you can, why don’t you start creating the GIFs? Now, that you have known the process of converting videos to GIFs, take a look at the special features of Uniconverter. 

The bottom line!

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For people who love to create GIFs, you should try using Uniconverter at least once. By using the best video converter, you will realize that you have opted for the best one. The all-in-one video converter is quite easy to use and along with creating GIFs, a lot of other things can also be done such as editing videos, recording videos, editing an audio file, and so on. 

Once you start using the best video converter, you would never like to use any other converter. Because of its unique features, it has successfully gained a lot of popularity within a short time. 

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